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Music with Elena

from 18 months old


Every Tuesday 

16:30 - 17:15, 18 months - 4 years old

Rhythm is a fundamental element of music and is something that every child is born with. Through rhythm, humans can sense the world around them and even their own emotions. Music and rhythm classes are suitable for children of all ages, and can help them develop their sense of rhythm, listening skills, memory, and artistic expression.

With Elena’s unique methodology, children can learn to distinguish between different types of music, such as loud and soft, fast and slow, and fun and sad. They will also learn fundamentals of music such as pitch, harmony, dynamic, timbre, and metrical sense. Additionally, these classes will also help children develop their coordination and improvisational movement skills.

These classes are designed to be both fun and educational. Through music and speech games, rhythmics (music in movement) and playing in an orchestra, children can learn in a way that is both engaging and stimulating. With this methodology, children can gain an appreciation for music and engage in creative expression.

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