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Babies in the gym

from the crawling stage to 18 months


Babies in the gym!

Join us in a fun gym class for the little ones. The only pre-requisite is the ability to crawl!

An obstacle to discover, games, balance exercises...all with mom or dad and other babies... all in a safe and stimulating environment, where little ones get to choose what they need! During the course of the class babies will be given the ability to learn more about their bodies, use muscles, work on fine and gross motor skills, get lots of crawling done on different terrains, prepare for the walking stage or stronger walking skills.

OR simply take mom and dad for some fun time out! Believe it or not, but babies love gym! Join us and see for yourself!

Languages: English, Ukrainian, Russian and German


Dress code: comfortable clothes, like leggings (no jeans, please), non-slippery socks or barefoot, no skirts or dresses.


Turnhalle Hans Asper, Kilchbergstrasse 28

8038 Zürich (Wollishofen)

Saturday, 08:45 - 09:20


Schulhaus Werd Turnhalle

Schönauweg 10

8134 Adliswil

Thursday, 15:45 - 16:20

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